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Puppy 1

6 weeks of socialization, training and valuable information to get you started with your new puppy.

Puppies 8-16 weeks at start of class are eligible.

Learn everything you need to know to get started, plus valuable information about how dogs learn and how to teach more advanced skills when you are ready!

Puppy 2

Improve your skills and train more advanced behaviours. Help your puppy navigate adolescence as they learn and grow.

Puppies are eligible within 6 months of completing Puppy 1 at Jollytails Resort or any Jollytails location.

Focus on attention to owner in distracting situations and recall/come when called, lingering puppy problems like jumping up or grabbing and mouthing, plus a customized curriculum based on the individual needs of the class participants!

Puppy School

Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 

Each class is 6 weeks of training and socialization

Additionally all class participants get personalized email support with any new problems, questions, or issues that arise during the course.

Surviving Adolescence

6 weeks of training focused on the challenges of having an adolescent dog.
Adolescence is the most difficult time to be a dog owner, and the period when more dogs are surrendered to shelters due to behaviour problems than any other.

Go back to basics with all the skills your dog needs to learn!

Focus on impulse control, appropriate socialization, and attention to owner, plus review all your dog's basic skills in a new and challenging environment.

Dogs between 4 months and 2 years are eligible, if you have completed a puppy class previously, contact me about which class would be most appropriate for your dog.

Surviving Adolescence